Opening the door to their future

Changing the lives of at-risk children through an after-school program linked to college campuses and a program for adults seeking a second chance for meaningful employment

Help Yourself Win Foundation

The Help Yourself Win Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) public charitable organization, was formed in 2019 through the consolidation of the Help Yourself Foundation and Schenectady-Win, Inc. Both public foundations seek to change the prospects for those at-risk of being left behind, with the new foundation continuing to support and strengthen the efforts of the consolidated initiatives.

Help Yourself Academies

Colleges often reach out to high school students; however, by then it can be too late. We try to reach at-risk kids before they have lost interest or have seen their dreams drift. Through the creation of after-school academies on college campuses, we help children catch those drifting dreams and turn them into reality.

WIN (Working in Neighborhoods)

We seek to change the prospects for unemployed or underemployed individuals by providing them with a second chance through a program of study and training. At the end of a process that will take roughly one year to complete, participants advance from welfare to work.

What Others are Saying


“My time as a mentor is the thing I am most proud of during my time here.”
A Casper College Mentor
“My daughter is in honors classes for her senior year in high school and hopes to pursue a degree in biological science—and her time as a Help Yourself student was a big influence on her choices to try to excel.”


“A great way to learn to do hard work for honest pay.”
“The training was excellent, and my class, teachers, and instructors were marvelous.”
“The program saved my son. It gave him a purpose.”

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