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  • New Approach Necessary in Education

    Excerpted from a guest column in The Daily Gazette, December 7, 2014 To Einstein, insanity was doing the same thing over again and expecting a different result. Unfortunately, we are doing the same thing again in education. During the 1980s, a number of college presidents, concerned about the small number of students of color on…

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  • Help Yourself Academy Growing

    Excerpted from an article in the Casper Journal “We have a long waiting list this year and I hate that,” said Jennifer Grooms, director of the local John Wold Help Yourself Academy. Despite Groom’s frustration, the waiting list is a result of the increasing popularity of the Help Yourself program, which is just in its…

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  • Connecting K–12 STEM to College, After School

    Excerpted from, the National Science Teaching Association website, March 12, 2012 After-school science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs are offered at many schools around the country, but most involve just a few grade levels and are run by the schools. However, some after-school STEM programs proving beneficial to students—especially underserved students—are held by…

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  • Help Yourself Academy Grows Small College Students

    Excerpted from the Casper Journal, April 26, 2011 Jennifer Grooms addresses students and their families and friends while their college mentors look on at the Help Yourself graduation on April 20. “It’s big college students working with smaller college students” is how Marilyn Lojo explained the Help Yourself Academy to parents and family members gathered…

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  • Begin early nurturing math, science skills

    As both Benjamin Disraeli and Mark Twain said long ago, there are lies, damn lies and statistics. Still, the news about the dismal performance of students on math and science exams is frightening. Test results, recently cited by President Barack Obama, placed 15-year-olds in the United States 21st in science among students in industrialized nations;…

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  • The College Now Academy Brings 18 Students to Bergen for Mentorship, Educational Activities

    Eighteen Bergen County third graders have found a new afterschool hangout: Bergen Community College. The College Now Academy After-School Academy, a program designed by the College’s Center for Suburban Criminal Justice, offers New Milford third graders an opportunity to participate in a supplemental learning program that supplies positive role models (in the form of Bergen…

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  • Elementary Kids Go To College

    Casper College Help Yourself Academy The dirt slowly settled to the bottom of the small plastic bag while the water rose above the soil and turned green. His blue glasses pushed down to the tip of his nose, Kaleb San Miguel, 9, poked at the bag in his hand. “Oooh, wow,” he said. “That’s weird.”…

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  • Science Outing Puts Kids on Campus

    Program aimed at at-risk students Daily Gazette, January 2008 Exactly what causes the moon to be either a crescent, half or full? About 24 third-graders from local schools and Girls Inc. of the Greater Capital Region attempted to answer that question at Schenectady County Community College on Monday. Instructors Melanie Louise Uebele, an Operation SMART…

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  • SCCC is First Community College to Welcome Third-Graders as Part of Help Yourself Foundation Academies

    As a former President of Beloit College (Wisconsin) and Union College, Roger Hull saw many college freshmen come to campus, making their own way in the world by embarking on an adventure in higher education. Now he watches as third-graders hop off the school bus twice a week which takes them to a nearby college…

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  • Improving the College Pipeline for At-Risk Youth

    Excerpted from the Christian Science Monitor, May 24, 2007 Now I know how Don Quixote felt when he jousted with windmills. As I read about the efforts of Bill Gates to reform American high schools, I want to scream “No!” While his efforts will do some good, I wish that he, and others who are…

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